Nichola Hingley

Nichola Hingley


When I was approached to be part of 'A cake for every day' project I immediately knew it was something I wanted to be involved in, as I absolutely love cakes and in particular chocolate ones! And so the thought of researching cakes to get the right image for this project was a special treat.

I am a Printmaker from Nottingham and have a studio at Leicester print workshop. My work is diverse, but I work a lot from landscapes that I have walked through.

I want to create an interpretation of the unique features that arises in the landscape, to capture more than what at first meets the eye. My feelings and emotions connect at the making of the prints and unfold during the process. I want the viewer to feel absorbed in the image, to find a place they had forgotten.

Through using the techniques of printmaking I have acquired a quality within my work that offers a unique and individual style.

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